Welcome to Impetus Fitness

Impetus: ‘The energy and driving force for a process to happen sooner’

This is why I chose the name Impetus Fitness, not to be catchy or gimmicky but to reflect what is most important to me as a coach, understanding that to create lasting change in people you must understand what their driving force for that change is! Whether it is increasing strength and muscle mass to enhance your quality of life or being a more explosive athlete to get a professional contract, once you understand someones Impetus…..everything can fall into place and when challenges arise in training you still have clarity over what it is that is driving you!

What I believe separates me further is the value I place on educating everyone I coach, this empowers them as to the importance of every progression or adjustment we make no matter how subtle…..for everything a reason!

Whether in person or online my aim is to provide the most effective programme I can for delivering the results you want!