The Impetus Ethos

Impetus: ‘The energy and driving force for a process to happen’

I believe every athlete deserves access to high level coaching and programming to support their athletic journey and goals!

As a young Sportsperson my Impetus was to be as athletic as possible…..I tried numerous Jump, Plyometric, Sprint and Strength programmes but struggled with how to glue all of my training together so that I could progress and perform when it really mattered.

The goal of Impetus Fitness is to support as many people as possible to fulfill their athletic potential, no matter whether playing local club sport or competing Nationally and beyond!

Now with 20 years Professional Coaching experience as an Athletic Development coach, across a multitude of sports, I have programmed and coached at all levels and know what elite programming looks like and I want this to be available to you too!

Nick Rees, Director and Founder